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Hard Surface Testing

Abrasive Cleaning

  • Degree of Surface Abrasion

    • CSPA DCC-15​

Bathroom Ceramic Tile Cleaning

  • Ceramic Tile Cleaning Performance

    • ASTM D5343​

    • CSPA DCC-16

  • Ceramic Tile Anti-Redeposition

  • Rust Removal on Ceramic Tiles

  • SOFW IKW Lime Scale Removal

Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet Redoposition

    • ASTM D6540​

  • Carpet Spotter

  • Rug Shampoo

    • CSPA DCC-03​

General Cleaning

  • ASTM D4488 A2

  • ASTM D4488 A5

  • ASTM D4488 A6

  • CSPA DCC-17

  • Customized Soils on Any Substrate

  • Stroke by Stroke Analysis

Glass Cleaning

  • Glass Cleaner Performance

    • CSPA DCC-09​

  • Streak and Smear Analysis

  • Yellowing of Polymer Based Screens

    • ASTM E313​

Graffiti, Adhesive, Coatings, and Tar Removal

  • Determination of a product's ability to remove customized soils

Oven Cleaning

  • Oven Cleaner Performance

    • CSPA DCC-12​

Toilet Bowel Cleaning

  • Rust Removal Testing

  • Calcium Carbonate Solubilization

  • SOFW IKW Lime Scale Removal

Pipetting Samples

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