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TQC Scrub Machine

Connecting Clients To Expert Testing

We save you time, provide you expertise, and enable you access to some of the most sophisticated testing technology.

Leading Performance Testing Laboratory

State-Of-The Art Lab Instruments

Years of Industry Expertise and Experience

Products Tested

The Tandell Research team provides expert testing support to protect your time and deadlines

Performance Testing, Product Claims Support, and Green Certification Testing

Tandell has the capabilities to follow many of the methods under ASTM, HCPA, AATC, AISE, IKW, etc. These capabilities enable us to perform green certification testing for GreenSeal, UL Ecologo, Safer Choice, and more. While we have these capabilities, we fully understand that all testing is unique. That is why we developed the Tandell Process that unlocks the full customizability of our lab to cater to your specific needs. Working one-on-one with our management team, we take a customized testing approach that will better represent the problem being tested and the results seen in the field.

Kruss Spinning Drop

Industries Where We Have Provided Value

  • Agriculture & Heavy Equipment Cleaning

  • Brewery & Winery Cleaning

  • Casting & Molds

  • Car Wash

  • Construction

  • Consumer - Car Care (variety of "sub-categories')

  • Consumer - Household (variety of "sub-categories')

  • Consumer - Laundry

  • Consumer - Marine

  • Drilling Muds

  • Facilities Maintenance

  • Institutional - Floor Care

  • Institutional - Hand Cleaner

  • Institutional - Janitorial 

  • Institutional - Laundry

  • Marine

  • Mining 

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • Industrial (variety of "sub-categories")

  • Parts Washing

  • Restoration

  • Solar & Wind Cleaning

  • Transportation

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Many more...

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