ASTM D5343

Standard Guide for evaluating cleaning performance of ceramic tile cleaners.

ASTM D4488

Standard Guide for testing cleaning performance of products intended for use on resilient flooring and washable walls.

ASTM D1436

Standard Test Methods for application of emulsion floor polishes to substrates for testing purposes.

ASTM D1792

Standard test method for long term removability properties of emulsion Floor polishes.


Glass Cleaners.


Bathroom Cleaners.


Greasy Soil Test Method for Evaluating Spray-and-Wipe Cleaners Used on Hard, Non-Greasy Surfaces.

ASTM D4009

Standard Guide for foam stability of hand dishwashing detergents.

ASTM D4265

Standard Guide for evaluating stain removal performance in home laundering.

ASTM D3556

Standard Guide for deposition on glass ware, mechanical dishwashing.

ASTM D1173

Standard Guide for Ross Miles foam, foaming properties.

ASTM D6540

Standard Guide for Accelerated soiling, pile yarn floor covering.

Dynamic Surface Tension (Kruss BP-100)

Dynamic Interfacial Tension (Kruss DVT-50)

Spinning Drop Interfacial Tension (Kruss SDT)

Contact Angle Testing with Tilting table (Biolin)

Static Surface and Interfacial Tension

Critical Micelle Concentration

Emulsion Stability (Formulaction Turbiscan)

Dynamic Foam and Foam Structure Analysis (Kruss DFA100 – FSM)